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British Charm Morris Garages (MG) Meets Malaysian Roads Soon

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MG’s centenary celebration, and a symphony of driving passion. Follow us at official MG Malaysia website and social media accounts.


Kuala Lumpur, January 29th, 2024 – Brace yourselves Malaysian drivers, as the British charm of Morris Garages (MG) is about to hit your roads in a celebration of a remarkable century of automotive excellence. As MG marks its 100th-year-young, the anticipation is building for a grand entrance into Malaysia through SAIC Motor Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., promising an automotive experience like no other.


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‘Passion Drives’ – a tagline that encapsulates the essence of MG; not only guides the brand but also serves as the DNA for creating and building cutting-edge technology. For a century, MG has crafted vehicles that inspire and ignite the passion for driving. As MG anticipates the grand unveiling of its latest models in Malaysia soon, get ready for a symphony of driving passion that promises to captivate the Malaysian automotive landscape.


A Century of Timeless Excellence: MG's Racing DNA and British Elegance

Since its inception in England, in 1924, MG has been more than just an automotive brand; it's been a symbol of youthful excitement, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation. With racing genes embedded in its very core, MG has not only carried the torch of British excellence globally but has etched its name in automotive history, delivering transcendent moments for an entire century.


From the maiden venture of MG 14/28 Super Sports car – a masterpiece crafted by the iconic Cecil Kimber, to the MG T-Series in the 1930s and the revolutionary MGB in the 1960s, MG has consistently pushed boundaries, evolving with the times. In the 21st century, MG has embraced cutting-edge technology and sustainability with new high performance electric models (EV), all while maintaining its racing DNA, creating a legacy that stands as a testament to its commitment to quality and performance.


The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: MG's Global Triumph with SAIC Motor

Behind MG's success stands its dynamic partnership with SAIC Motor, China's largest automotive manufacturer, ranked 84th in 2023 on the latest Fortune Global 500 company listing. The synergy between British heritage and Chinese innovation has not only preserved MG's legacy but has propelled it to new heights. With a global presence in over 90 countries and an impressive volume of 800,000 units in 2023, the MG brand continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. The combination of British flair and Chinese ingenuity has proven to be an unbeatable formula, reinforcing MG's position as an automotive catalyst.


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Stay tuned for the thrill, fun-to-drive, and performance that only MG can deliver. The allure of MG's youthful charm, and technological innovation is about to redefine your driving experience. Watch this space for more details on launch dates and the exclusive opportunity to test drive these exceptional MG models. Get ready to embrace the charisma of British motoring at its finest, as MG makes its mark on Malaysian roads.


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