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Playful and practical, the MG4 electric strikes the perfect balance: compact on the outside, and spacious inside. Its modern design captures the essence of our brand's enduring youthful spirit. This car isn't just about moving forward; it's about redefining progress with a nod to our rich history and a focus on sustainable innovation.


Driving Range

6.1 secs


38 min*

Fast Charge (150kW), 10% - 80%

New MG Car Model - MG4

Judgin’ by it’s cover

The MG4's distinctive EV design stands out from the crowd. It demonstrates a new understanding of sporty design in the EV hatchback shape. The result, a model filled with “Intelligent vitality”.

Exterior Design


MG4 EV's advanced Projector LED Headlights with Integrated LED Daytime Running Lights combine cutting-edge illumination with elegant design.​

In with the New

Achieving perfection across every aspect, our interior cabin boasts a minimal sportiness that fosters an airy ambiance. Simple yet imbued with a hint of athleticism

Interior Design

Floating Console

Sleek, minimalist floating console with Rotary Gear selector, that seamlessly blends functionality with modern design.

Driving Excellence

Driving Excellence is at the heart of the MG4 Electric, courtesy of the pioneering Modular Scalable Platform. With a focus on intelligent design, this platform features a long wheelbase and a slim power battery, optimizing interior space and enhancing the vehicle's balanced and responsive handling.​

Driving Mode

Tailor your journey with modes from Eco for efficiency to Sport for dynamic power, ensuring the right balance for every drive.​

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Sustainable future with intelligence technology of MG4

Intelligent technology

No need to pay extra for useful features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assist. From now on, take them as standard and enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technology.

Elevate Your Driving Experience

Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Jam Assistance, and other L2 automated driving functions can help you relieve driving stress on busy roads.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

ACC helps control driving speeds and automatically adjusts the speed to maintain a proper distance from the vehicle in front. Cruise control can be set between 30 – 150km/h with 3 distance settings to ensure separation from the vehicle ahead. If there is no other vehicle on the road, ACC will maintain the set speed. However, when it encounters a slower vehicle, the system will slow down to match the speed of that vehicle while maintaining a safe distance set by the driver.

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iSmart App: Instant MG4 car connectivity with 50+ personalized features for a seamless driving experience


An intelligent network system that integrates car, Internet and user communication. Ready to connect to the future?

Find your vehicle

Determine the exact location of your car.

Bluetooth key

Use your smartphone as a key and allow others to activate the Bluetooth key.

Vehicle status diagnosis

Easily check the status of your car and make sure it's safe before you set off.

Route planner

Plan your trip beforehand, and sync your route in the vehicle.

App remote control

Turn on the aircon to pre-set a comfortable interior temperature.

Extended Car Warranty MG ZS EV Up To 7 or 8 Years

MG Care

More peace of mind come as standard with every MG. Our warranties ensures that expert MG technicians will always be able to keep your car in the best of health. They're also fully transferable to future owners.

Volcano Orange

Pick the one that suits you best.

MG4 Standard

Pick your Colour

Volcano Orange
Holborn Blue
Black Pearl
Camden Grey
Artic White
Dynamic Red
Monument Silver
  • |350km EV range (WLTP)
  • |160km/h Max Speed
  • |37mins Charging Time (150kW, 10% - 80%)
  • |17" Alloy Wheels

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MG4 Standard


EV range (WLTP)


Max Speed


Charging Time (150kW, 10% - 80%)

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MG4 Luxury


EV range (WLTP)


Max Speed


Charging Time (150kW, 10% - 80%)

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EXTD Range

MG4 EXTD Range


EV range (WLTP)


Max Speed


Charging Time (150kW, 10% - 80%)

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EditionsStandardLuxuryEXTD RangeXPOWER
Max Power PS (kW)170 (125)203 (150)245 (180)435 (320)
Max Torque Nm250250350600
Battery Capacity: Nominal, Usable51, 50.864, 61.777, 74.464, 61.8
Max Speed km/h160160180200
0 - 100km/h7.5 secs7.7 secs6.1 secs3.8 secs
Charging Time 7kW / 50kW (10%-80%) / 159kW (10% - 80%)8 hours / 48 mins / 37mins8.5 hours / 52mins / 26mins10 hours / 61mins / 38mins8.5 hours / 52mins / 26mins
Driving Range (WLTP)350km435km520km385km
Kerb Weight (kg)1,6551,6851,7841,800
Suspension (Front / Rear)Macpherson, MultilinkMacpherson, MultilinkMacpherson, MultilinkMacpherson, Multilink
Drive TrainRWD, Single MotorRWD, Single MotorRWD, Single MotorAWD, Dual Motor
Launch Control---With