Home Investment/Development Programme - The Objective

The Goverment

  • To tighten the relationship of both countries, especially within the ASEAN countries
  • To strengthen bilateral trade and industry affairs and widen the scopes of services
  • To stimulate each other’s economy
  • To assist the local companies to be awarded more overseas contracts
  • To increase the employment and industry output
  • To strengthen the banking facilitation, e.g. Import & Export Bank
  • To promote utilisation of Treasury Bonds in the Asia region, especially in the developing countries and be the safeguard leader
  • To promote Labuan as a financial offshore centre in South East Asia

Local Companies

  • To receive more assistance to expand businesses
  • To reduce overall cost and individual high financing
  • To be more competitive in the international market
  • More encouragement to become a global player
  • To assist promoting the local industries internationally
  • To maintain the company in Malaysia and employment
  • To create more jobs locally and overseas
  • To expand the production line